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I didn’t know my Amy Jo lived at your house

LOL! Amy is our no-no kitty, as long as I am home to let her out she’s a VERY good girl, but if one thing goes wrong in her world (and being one of 6 cats things often do) she sometimes goes where she shouldn’t. I protect those areas with these pads.
Smartest thing I’ve ever done. She’s 13 now and so we aren’t about to get rid of her and it’s only became a real issue this last few years. It started when we were traveling to survive and she didn’t get her designated lap time daily.

Her son Jellybean who is 12 is our fellow who underestimates the space required in the box. Everyone else does excellent with the boxes, but those two…we’ve been using the pads for them for a while now, best investment we’ve made. Like you said, they don’t always need changed, but having that extra space is worth its weight in gold.

Hopefully you’ll never find your drizzle bottle emptied on the counter the way I did, but if so you will be amazed how quickly and easily the oil is cleaned up.

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Thank you so much for your service, both of you

Especially the fighting the wildland fires. I live in the middle of 90 wooded acres with one way in and one way out. I’m about 2 miles from an interstate, don’t even get me started on people throwing cigarettes out their car windows.

I think they should be prosecuted for attempted murder and arson!

I’m also an oil industry brat, and oil rig fires are scary beyond belief. (My grandfather worked the oil rigs during the Oklahoma oil boom in the 20’s, my dad worked for Sunoco all his life, my husband and son are now designing gas and oil refineries—what can I say we’re Okies.

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I am

I’m a volunteer with our local fire department (as is my husband). We are both EMS officers. He is also a structural and wildland fire-fighter. I also work at the fire district as the office manager.

In our house, it’s all fire, all the time.

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As I headed to our storage area

to get a roll of paper towels to clean the mess up—one of the few cleaning jobs I will use paper towels for, my eyes fell upon a large package of what we call adult puddle pads.
I forget right now what they are actually called, but they are what you put on a bed when you have someone who is ill or has a leakage problem.

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Multi-puprosing a product

This last weekend I filled my olive oil bottle I keep near the stove for adding just a drizzle of olive oil to pans, breads, salads and similar things, while the big bottle stays in the pantry for recipes that call for over ¼ cup.
I did this during my nightly clean-up of the kitchen and the next morning when I got up I discovered I’d been visited by that little guy we all have hiding in our homes “Not Me” no one will fess, up and quite frankly with 4 cats running free in that area I think I know which tuxedo cat took advantage of my being asleep to go into the no-no land of the cabinet top. No matter who it was nearly the whole bottle of oil was now emptied on to my long counter top. I was NOT amused. As I headed to our storage area to get a roll of paper towels to clean the mess up—one of the few cleaning jobs I will use paper towels for, my eyes fell upon a large package of what we call adult puddle pads.
I forget right now what they are actually called, but they are what you put on a bed when you have someone who is ill or has a leakage problem. These had been hanging around here since when my dmil visited often. We’d slowly been using them up for a variety of uses because they are very absorbent and large. Instead of two rolls of paper towels, I grabbed two of the pads.
I laid those face down over the spill—it was an entire long cabinet and every bit of the oil was absorbed quickly. A quick spray of Dr. Bonner’s soap I keep mixed up for wiping my cabinets down with and the entire oily mess was a memory in less than two minutes! With paper towels it would have taken much longer. Plus with the plastic backing on the pads my hands never touched the oil, with paper towels yeeeeew!
This got me to thinking about other things I’ve been slowly using these pads up for. While litter box training a cat we put these pads down in her “spots” until she got the idea the box was the place to go. We also keep one under the box that one of our elderly cats sometimes under estimates the space he needs in the box. Far easier to pick up that pad and dispose of it, then to mop that floor.
Dh has used them to set oily machine parts on (we don’t take a paper) when doing repairs, a friend uses a piece of blue tape to hold up pieces of one she’s cut into ¼’s on her walls when her mil’s male dog visits (me I wouldn’t let the dog in my house but…)
We’ve used them for similar other things where something big and absorbent is needed and I don’t want to use my towels for the problem—like the cooking oil.
I purchased the pads at Sam’s Club and it was a huge package, so I’ll continue to use them as “mop up” cloths in the future. Just another way we try to make everything around here have more than one purpose. Oh BTW, the package was around $30 and it is a whole lot of pads that are very large. But at that price you can see why we don’t use them a lot.

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Bad News:

I fell ice skating and hit my head. No head injury, but I do have whiplash. Extra expenses have include copays for 2 doctor’s visits, two trips for chiro, and now physical therapy. Physical therapy is 30 dollars a visit and I need to go 3 times weekly. I’m hoping that I don’t need it for long, but the degree of pain that I have makes me feel like I don’t have a choice. But, this will eat up what we have to go to the snowball this month.

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Good News:

I have received some contract work that involves helping to develop an IQ test by administering potential items to children. It will pay between 1 and 3 thousand over the next 6 months.

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That was great reading

Thank your DH for his service. While I grew up in MD not far from Ft. Meade, Annapolis and DC, we really didn’t know many military. the Catholic school always made sure we prayed for the military and the POW’s.

Now I live in Jacksonville and most of my neighbors have either served or are serving now. Get same day cash advance online and DH remembers a little about visiting his father the summer he was stationed at NAS Mayport…we are only 15 min from base. I never got to hear many stories from his father, but we still have his flight jacket and pictures on the wall.

It saddened me that a daughter of a friend came home from school crying because her classmates don’t understand what veterans day means and don’t want to celebrate. A few years back the school super wanted us to use veterans day as a hurricane make up day…so hurtful because he was a veteran, fortunately, it didn’t fly.

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I don’t fault you for trying to get a discount

We have done it ourselves. I would suggest that next time try to negotiate paying cash and receiving a discount, instead of billing insurance. The person to ask is the decision maker, usually the physician, NOT the office staff. We have gotten better prices this way on occasion for prescribed medication. It was cheaper to go cash than the insurance route. Now what helped was having a relationship with the pharmacist. We have been dealing with them for years. They know to question medications that are written for name brand when generic is available. Also any expensive medication is questioned. Yes, they pick up the phone and call me before filling it to make sure we want it or to get something else prescribed. This is a mom and pop pharmacy not a big chain.

Interesting side note. The pharmacy seems to be doing very well. They had 2 locations when we moved here in 2000, then a couple of years ago opened a third location. The owner was in our store recently and told dh they are soon to be opening their 4th location. The pharm business seems to be doing well, at least for them. I am surprised though at the timing with all the Obama care brohaha.

We have worked out an arrangement for bartering with our dentist for certain services. Routine cleanings are paid for by us. Any thing else is bartered. It works for us. He has an account with us at our store and will come pick out clothing, booths, school uniforms for the kids, etc. The thing is to work out any special arrangements (payment, barter, etc.) before the services are rendered. I know if it’s an emergency that can’t usually happen though.

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Your husband was right to have you contact the doctor’s office

One doctor I dealt with had no idea how horrible his billing service was until I told them—they started threatening collection calls before I ever got the first bill!—he did some checking and let’s just say he no longer uses that service.
lcdI would put the extra back into savings and build up to a reasonable “if you’ll take this amount and consider it paid in full we’ll do it today offer”, I did that with a hospital bill that wouldn’t budge at first, but when they only got $50 a month for about six months I offered them the chunk I had in savings and got my paid in full letter in exchange for it. It saved me about 25%.
After all what is the doctor going to do? Repossess? But do pay them because he did do the work.

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We decided to pay the hospital in full

They gave us a 10% discount. The anesthelogist will give us a discount but very little since we only owe them about $127. The doctor won’t. The company that does the billing won’t budge. I told them since we owe them the most, they will be paid last and getting the least amount of money. The lady was really rude to me. Telling me that the doctor does all the work and already takes a reduction and huge write off because of what the insurance pays. I told her that wasn’t my fault, that is what the doctor CONTRACTS with the insurance company. If he doesn’t like that he needs to renegotiate it his contracts. She also told me she has to rebill the insurance company becuase of something they didn’t pay and she thinks they should have. then she told me so “be prepared the amount you owe is actually more”.

When I told my husband about it, he told me to call the doctos office directly and let them know. He’s pretty sure the doctor wouldn’t be too happy to know that the lady was rude. I called and his receptionist couldn’t believe what I was telling her. She was not happy!

Anyway, the hospital is paid off. Next week we will pay off the anesthelogist. When I get the final bill from the doctor’s office we will start paying it. I think I’ll do about a $100 a month or less and stretch is out just to piss of the billing department. I might pay more into a seperate account so it’s paid off sooner, but not send to them….I feel like getting even!!! (I am sure I will feel different when I am not so mad).

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I would NOT touch your EF

six months is a long time to try and keep Murphy at bay. I would contact the doctor as soon as you get the bill and ask them if they give you a discount for paying in full all at once. Tell them you have x amount of dollars set aside to pay toward this surgery do NOT give them the dollar amount just say x. That the hospital has offered you a discount and you can pay one or the other of them in full but the other one is going to have to take small monthly payments until the debt is paid off. They just might offer you a bigger discount than the hospital.
If they don’t pay off the hospital first and pay monthly payments that will fit into your budget to the doctor. That way you have one less bill to deal with if Murphy does come to visit.
I’d also approach the anesthesiologist for a cash discount before paying them in full. Same suggestion to them. Go with the best two you can get rid of.

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Great! Glad you got the 10%

I know that medical bills can be quite overwhelming and a big task to stay on top off. Just an FYI – I know someone who was brought to court recently for non-payment. They had a monthly hospital payoff arrangement, but accidently neglected to pay when the monthly bills ceased coming. Hospital took them to court without warning and very little elapsed time (and despite ongoing payments and insurance payments for additional treatments). So just stay on top of it ( which with it budgeted you should). I was surprised how quickly this went to court, and for less than a $1000. Not at all the MO that Mark speaks about regarding it taking a lot of time.

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I found out that

the dr who did the surgery does not provide a pay in full discount so we will be paying him last. I am going to see if the hospital will do a larger pay in full discount. I am going to ask for 10%. Can’t hurt to ask. Otherwise we will pay the anesthesologist and then make payments each month to the other two.

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Medical advice pay off dilemma

As you know my hubby had surgery about a month ago. We owe about $1400. We can pay the anesthesiologist out right, no problem. We owe the doctor over $600 and the hospital over $575. We can’t pay them out right, unless we we draw from our EF which we won’t want to do. The hospital will give us a small discount if we pay them in full. It’s not very much, like 5%. I don’t know about the doctor’s office. We haven’t got their bill yet (we just know how much we have to pay from our EOB).

So I wonder which is the best route? I was thinking pay off the dr first since it’s the most and then work on the hospital. Or should we just pay it all from our EF? It will take us about 6 months to put it back in.