Faith Leaders’ Statement Supporting #OWS

-October 14, 2011-

We, the people of faith communities throughout New York and the United States, stand with Occupy Wall Street, for here we see the promise of democracy renewed.   
Our spiritual traditions are clear: the impoverishment of the many for the benefit of the few destroys us all.   The cries of our people are clear: the American dream is compromised; the moveable middle is slipping away; and in our politics, all fairness is lost.  The Soul of this Great Nation is in danger, threatened by the false idols.

So together we affirm the golden rule: treat our neighbors as ourselves.  We commit ourselves to the restoration of justice in our economy, and compassion in our politics; that together we might behold a revolution of values for all our people.  We ask all Americans to join us in this prayer, that once again our country might be a hope, and a dream, and a promise for all who reach its shores.

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