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I didn’t know my Amy Jo lived at your house

LOL! Amy is our no-no kitty, as long as I am home to let her out she’s a VERY good girl, but if one thing goes wrong in her world (and being one of 6 cats things often do) she sometimes goes where she shouldn’t. I protect those areas with these pads.
Smartest thing I’ve ever done. She’s 13 now and so we aren’t about to get rid of her and it’s only became a real issue this last few years. It started when we were traveling to survive and she didn’t get her designated lap time daily.

Her son Jellybean who is 12 is our fellow who underestimates the space required in the box. Everyone else does excellent with the boxes, but those two…we’ve been using the pads for them for a while now, best investment we’ve made. Like you said, they don’t always need changed, but having that extra space is worth its weight in gold.

Hopefully you’ll never find your drizzle bottle emptied on the counter the way I did, but if so you will be amazed how quickly and easily the oil is cleaned up.

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