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I don’t fault you for trying to get a discount

We have done it ourselves. I would suggest that next time try to negotiate paying cash and receiving a discount, instead of billing insurance. The person to ask is the decision maker, usually the physician, NOT the office staff. We have gotten better prices this way on occasion for prescribed medication. It was cheaper to go cash than the insurance route. Now what helped was having a relationship with the pharmacist. We have been dealing with them for years. They know to question medications that are written for name brand when generic is available. Also any expensive medication is questioned. Yes, they pick up the phone and call me before filling it to make sure we want it or to get something else prescribed. This is a mom and pop pharmacy not a big chain.

Interesting side note. The pharmacy seems to be doing very well. They had 2 locations when we moved here in 2000, then a couple of years ago opened a third location. The owner was in our store recently and told dh they are soon to be opening their 4th location. The pharm business seems to be doing well, at least for them. I am surprised though at the timing with all the Obama care brohaha.

We have worked out an arrangement for bartering with our dentist for certain services. Routine cleanings are paid for by us. Any thing else is bartered. It works for us. He has an account with us at our store and will come pick out clothing, booths, school uniforms for the kids, etc. The thing is to work out any special arrangements (payment, barter, etc.) before the services are rendered. I know if it’s an emergency that can’t usually happen though.

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