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I would NOT touch your EF

six months is a long time to try and keep Murphy at bay. I would contact the doctor as soon as you get the bill and ask them if they give you a discount for paying in full all at once. Tell them you have x amount of dollars set aside to pay toward this surgery do NOT give them the dollar amount just say x. That the hospital has offered you a discount and you can pay one or the other of them in full but the other one is going to have to take small monthly payments until the debt is paid off. They just might offer you a bigger discount than the hospital.
If they don’t pay off the hospital first and pay monthly payments that will fit into your budget to the doctor. That way you have one less bill to deal with if Murphy does come to visit.
I’d also approach the anesthesiologist for a cash discount before paying them in full. Same suggestion to them. Go with the best two you can get rid of.

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