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Medical advice pay off dilemma

As you know my hubby had surgery about a month ago. We owe about $1400. We can pay the anesthesiologist out right, no problem. We owe the doctor over $600 and the hospital over $575. We can’t pay them out right, unless we we draw from our EF which we won’t want to do. The hospital will give us a small discount if we pay them in full. It’s not very much, like 5%. I don’t know about the doctor’s office. We haven’t got their bill yet (we just know how much we have to pay from our EOB).

So I wonder which is the best route? I was thinking pay off the dr first since it’s the most and then work on the hospital. Or should we just pay it all from our EF? It will take us about 6 months to put it back in.


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