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Multi-puprosing a product

This last weekend I filled my olive oil bottle I keep near the stove for adding just a drizzle of olive oil to pans, breads, salads and similar things, while the big bottle stays in the pantry for recipes that call for over ¼ cup.
I did this during my nightly clean-up of the kitchen and the next morning when I got up I discovered I’d been visited by that little guy we all have hiding in our homes “Not Me” no one will fess, up and quite frankly with 4 cats running free in that area I think I know which tuxedo cat took advantage of my being asleep to go into the no-no land of the cabinet top. No matter who it was nearly the whole bottle of oil was now emptied on to my long counter top. I was NOT amused. As I headed to our storage area to get a roll of paper towels to clean the mess up—one of the few cleaning jobs I will use paper towels for, my eyes fell upon a large package of what we call adult puddle pads.
I forget right now what they are actually called, but they are what you put on a bed when you have someone who is ill or has a leakage problem. These had been hanging around here since when my dmil visited often. We’d slowly been using them up for a variety of uses because they are very absorbent and large. Instead of two rolls of paper towels, I grabbed two of the pads.
I laid those face down over the spill—it was an entire long cabinet and every bit of the oil was absorbed quickly. A quick spray of Dr. Bonner’s soap I keep mixed up for wiping my cabinets down with and the entire oily mess was a memory in less than two minutes! With paper towels it would have taken much longer. Plus with the plastic backing on the pads my hands never touched the oil, with paper towels yeeeeew!
This got me to thinking about other things I’ve been slowly using these pads up for. While litter box training a cat we put these pads down in her “spots” until she got the idea the box was the place to go. We also keep one under the box that one of our elderly cats sometimes under estimates the space he needs in the box. Far easier to pick up that pad and dispose of it, then to mop that floor.
Dh has used them to set oily machine parts on (we don’t take a paper) when doing repairs, a friend uses a piece of blue tape to hold up pieces of one she’s cut into ¼’s on her walls when her mil’s male dog visits (me I wouldn’t let the dog in my house but…)
We’ve used them for similar other things where something big and absorbent is needed and I don’t want to use my towels for the problem—like the cooking oil.
I purchased the pads at Sam’s Club and it was a huge package, so I’ll continue to use them as “mop up” cloths in the future. Just another way we try to make everything around here have more than one purpose. Oh BTW, the package was around $30 and it is a whole lot of pads that are very large. But at that price you can see why we don’t use them a lot.

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