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That was great reading

Thank your DH for his service. While I grew up in MD not far from Ft. Meade, Annapolis and DC, we really didn’t know many military. the Catholic school always made sure we prayed for the military and the POW’s.

Now I live in Jacksonville and most of my neighbors have either served or are serving now. Get same day cash advance online and DH remembers a little about visiting his father the summer he was stationed at NAS Mayport…we are only 15 min from base. I never got to hear many stories from his father, but we still have his flight jacket and pictures on the wall.

It saddened me that a daughter of a friend came home from school crying because her classmates don’t understand what veterans day means and don’t want to celebrate. A few years back the school super wanted us to use veterans day as a hurricane make up day…so hurtful because he was a veteran, fortunately, it didn’t fly.

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