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We decided to pay the hospital in full

They gave us a 10% discount. The anesthelogist will give us a discount but very little since we only owe them about $127. The doctor won’t. The company that does the billing won’t budge. I told them since we owe them the most, they will be paid last and getting the least amount of money. The lady was really rude to me. Telling me that the doctor does all the work and already takes a reduction and huge write off because of what the insurance pays. I told her that wasn’t my fault, that is what the doctor CONTRACTS with the insurance company. If he doesn’t like that he needs to renegotiate it his contracts. She also told me she has to rebill the insurance company becuase of something they didn’t pay and she thinks they should have. then she told me so “be prepared the amount you owe is actually more”.

When I told my husband about it, he told me to call the doctos office directly and let them know. He’s pretty sure the doctor wouldn’t be too happy to know that the lady was rude. I called and his receptionist couldn’t believe what I was telling her. She was not happy!

Anyway, the hospital is paid off. Next week we will pay off the anesthelogist. When I get the final bill from the doctor’s office we will start paying it. I think I’ll do about a $100 a month or less and stretch is out just to piss of the billing department. I might pay more into a seperate account so it’s paid off sooner, but not send to them….I feel like getting even!!! (I am sure I will feel different when I am not so mad).

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